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I have enjoyed photography for a good part of my adult life. I started out snapping off quick shots of the beautiful places I traveled to around the country to share with my less-adventurous friends. After visiting California I found that my old point and shoot did not cut it. I upgraded a few times before realizing that I could only go so far with even the most advanced point and shoot. 3 years ago I purchased my first digital SLR (the Nikon D70s). Around this time I was also approached by Breakwater Beach/Casino Pier (in Seaside NJ) to update their marketing shots. I of course gladly said yes. Since then, my pictures have been turned into pamphlets, brochures, postcards, advertisements on both TV and print, and of course on my desk at work to remind me of why I am there :)

My experience includes:

  • Band / Concert photography
  • Press photography published in both print and web for the Asbury Park Press
  • Stock photography for businesses, amusement parks, tourist information
  • Product Photography published in both print and web
  • Special events, including class reunions, parties, and weddings
  • Professional head shots

I am available for all types of shooting scenarios. Pull me in for your next party and allow me to capture the fun. Does your catalog or marketing brochure look dated? Need new stock shots of your company or business? Let me help you update all your media with creative, professional, high quality photographs that will be used for years.


You can contact me anytime at: